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• Around 30,000 key words and phrases with easy-to-

  understand definitions


• Numerous examples, complete example sentences and

  idiomatic idioms


• the most important everyday situations and the words

  you need for it


• Short grammar of Danish and simple explanations of

  language usage

Target groups


• Children - from 12 years old

• Self-learners - beginners

• Self-learners - advanced

• Self-learning - returners

• Lessons - adults

• Lessons - lower secondary education


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Paperback with threadbinding, Size: 180*115*24 mm, Pages: 356, Weight: 432 gr.


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Grammar is not the only important thing in a language, a large vocabulary is another necessity for being able to express yourself correctly.


This bilingual language dictionary Danish- Filipino/Tagalog  that includes a grammatical introduction to the language and over 30,000 total dictionary entries, with idiomatic expressions, slang, loan words, derivations and phrases which are essential for day to day communication.


Easy to understand explanations & definitions.


Along with the meaning of the word, the dictionary will also provide usage examples.


This rich vocabulary contains words used in everyday life. The Danish aquivalents have been choosen for their accuracy and simplicity in meaning as used in everyday conversation.


Pilipino equivalents which have been derived from Spanish or English words or from the vernaculars, have been incorpareted together with their colloquialism to enrich the Pilipino Language of today.


The orthography of Filipino words is in conformity with the rules of the offical grammar published by the Institute of National Language of the Department of Education.