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• Clearly structured textbook


• Learn French with system


• Practice pronunciation with MP3 vocabulary trainer


• Free MP3 download of all audio material for mobile

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• Detailed explanations of grammar and vocabulary


• Various exercises for listening and speaking

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• Level A1 to B2

• Self-learners - beginners

• Self-learning - returners


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Paperback with threadbinding, Size: 148*210*12 mm Pages: 220 Weight: 401 gr.




Learn! French


The intensive language course with 42 clearly structured lessons and detailed grammatical explanations. Levels: A1 to B2.


It is not possible to master a language without gaining insight into its system of rules. This is true of the mother tongue as well as the target language.


This book is an ideal course for beginners and advanced, especially for Tagalog speakers who want to learn the basics of the French language quickly.


This book intended for lower-intermediate and intermediate learners of French who want to acquire a solid, coherent knowledge of French grammar. The standart French grammar for elementary and intermediate learners comprehensive explained especially for Tagalog speakers who want to improve their knowledge of French grammar.


Developing a solid foundation in French grammar will not only help you create your own sentences correctly but will also make it easier to improve your communication skills in both spoken and written French .


This Course is focused on learning Basic French structures and grammar, and it is equivalent to the A1 – B2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The book teaches the grammar of spoken and written generalized present-day standard French and contains 42 grammar lessons..


Within the structure of the book the easier features of French grammar are dealt first, the more difficult ones later.


This course provides the learner with a simple and comprehensive overview of the rules of French grammar.


All sample sentences are translated into Tagalog and thus facilitates the learning of the respective lesson for Tagalog speakers.


A clearly organised, visually attractive French grammar book that presents the main structures of the French language in compact form.


Added to the dictionary are lessons that divide the word groups in eg. 'The body' or 'the animals' to facilitate a learning this.


In addition, the French numeral system, the time, date, months, weeks, days, measurements, weights and the weather are explained in detail in some sections.


There is also a section with interjections Tagalog - French , which are indispensable for a lively communication.


Audio vocabulary builder


The approximately 1.500 words, phrases and example sentences for everyday use, are professionally spoken by native speakers.


The audio trainer Filipino - French for advanced learners looking to expand and consolidate their vocabulary.


The basic audio CD provides effective vocabulary training.


Extend your vocabulary and train your pronunciation.